Thursday, December 9, 2010

Felt lyk pinging my own blog once. It was Feb when i wrote a page for the last time. Neways, here i m- back at the thing i m so fond of- riting these wondrful pages. Am in a hurry at d moment. Will continue whenever possible.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Never knew my new buddy was going to b this way

Built a new acquaintance 2day and it appears a trustworthy 1 as of now. Lets c hw d future unfolds bt its seemingly intrstng. Nthng more to tell as of now. But,,yes i m impressed wid d not so typical senior kind of behaviour. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I wept coz i had no shoes until i saw a man who had no feet

Lyf is strange.u get thngs u dont even dream of n u get renounced by the ones u feel r made for you. This Gears, Heat Exchangers, Spline curves, Spring Design etc. is driving me nuts n though all molecules of my body kno dat i dun lyk all this stuff, i m being made to cram up wat i dislyk the most. This seems to b d biggest fundamental flaw in our system. PPl being made to work upon things they hate the most.
Today, i m missing old buddies Rajat n Mohit a lot. Guys if u get to read this, take it frm me- u r d ones i love n miss d most. As i write all this crap, memories of all three of us riding our respective KHATAARA(once dad's possession kindaaa) vehicles on the roads of lucknow keep flashing thru the length n breadth of my skull. Many of us rightly say- Nothing, good or bad, lasts. How badly do i wish to get back to those wonderful tyms, to our very own BAILGAADI, PALIO, FIAT n COROLLA. Yaar, where the hell is Corolla nowadays??Neways, cut d crap. Tell me all u both hv been doing. i hope that reading blogs isnt forbidden at ur collg.

Signing off here,,luv u all.